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The Time Equity Group only works with established companies so the process begins with an extensive screening and due diligence on all potential clients.   Since we only make money if we succeed at growing your company, we must be highly selective about the clients we take on so we go to great lengths during this initial phase to make sure we have an ideal fit with a client.

Once we have a signed deal with the client we immediately begin to prepare the business for sale and taking action to increase the valuation of the business.  Using our advanced marketing strategies, we can typically double or triple a company’s sales within 18 – 24 months while employing other strategies to reduce costs, resulting in a larger and far more profitable company.

Why Become a Partner?

You will have unprecedented access to experienced leadership and their proven methodologies to buy, build and sell companies. You will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurial executives in over 20 disciplines to share best practices, network to grow your business; and build long-term wealth.

Below are just a few of the reasons becoming a partner with Time Equity Group can benefit you…

We can help you “Go Public

There are a few ways to go public and raise capital. The first way is for a company to go public in an IPO Initial Public Offering. When a company finds and underwriter to take them public, they go public with what is called an IPO. In order to find an underwriter, they must be doing in excess of $50 million in revenues. In the IPO process a company is doing 2 things at the same time: First, it’s raising capital, and secondly, it is going through the going public process. We help companies with the latter part, which is to go public, therefore making them a publicly traded company. They will have their own stock symbol and public company stock which people can purchase from a stockbroker, just like any public company. This is the ideal method for a company to go public if they are doing less than $50 million per year in revenues. We don’t raise capital ourselves but we make introductions to our very extensive network of stock brokerage firms. This way of raising capital has been the trend in the Wall St. community for the last several years.

Time Equity Group can take a company public directly without a public shell company. However, for advisers such as CPA’s, attorneys or investment bankers, a new public shell can be built and customized. For consultants that may have future clients yearning to go public, having a public shell ready allows a private company to become a public company almost immediately.

We can help demystify Reverse Mergers and how one could benefit you

What’s a Reverse Merger? This method is used when a private company is converted into a public company by conducting a reverse merger with an SEC reporting public company. This type of transaction accelerates the process of becoming a public company.

We can help you sell your company at Full Price with an ESOP

What’s an ESOP? An ESOP is a technique of corporate finance as well as an employee benefit plan. An ESOP can be used to finance ownership transition, raise new equity capital, refinance outstanding debt or acquire productive assets. ESOPs can also be used to increase cash flow by making plan contributions in stock instead of cash. ESOP contributions are fully tax deductible, allowing employers to fund both the principal and the interest payments on an ESOPs debt service with pre-tax dollars.

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