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About us

Time Equity Group was created by a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, management experts, lawyers and accountants. Our partners have created and run companies in a diverse set of industries. These companies have achieved sales ranging from 7-figures to 9-figures or more.

After spending many years building companies, we began to realize it was more lucrative to build up a company to a certain point and then sell it, rather than continue to operate the company. Why is this? When you sell a company, you typically receive a lump sum cash payment, reflecting a multiple of the company’s future earnings over a period of years. Having this cash in hand, you then have the ability to start a new company or buy a company and repeat the process. You can repeat this many times over, creating a geometric growth effect. Furthermore, while ordinary income is taxed at 35%, long term capital gains are taxed at 15%, so the government actually rewards you for selling your company, rather than operating it.

This realization was an eye-opening experience for us, as it suddenly became crystal clear how business mavericks like Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and others have been able to leverage a small fortune into a large fortune. If you go down the the list of the Forbes 400 Richest Americans, you will find that many of these tycoons employed this exact strategy in building their empires. The power of geometric growth can be truly amazing!

Having discovered this wealth strategy, we had two options. We could start our own companies from scratch, build them up over a period of years and then sell them, or we could work with existing companies. We decided it would be more efficient to work with established companies, rather than trying to build companies from scratch. Using our advanced marketing strategies, we can typically double or triple a company’s sales within 18 months while employing other strategies to reduce costs, resulting in a larger and far more profitable company.

Our objective is always to create win/win scenarios with our clients. You gain access to our proprietary marketing strategies that can multiply your sales and profits. And once your company has reached its sales and profitability objectives, we bring in buyers who will purchase it for many times what it’s worth today. Thus, we benefit by working with an existing company, rather than trying to start our own companies from scratch. This greatly accelerates the process allowing all participants to make more money in less time and everybody wins.

Finally, once you’ve participated in a successful deal and sold your company, you’ll have a pile of cash to do whatever you want with. We hope you’ll use that cash to start a new company, so we can work with you again!